The idea of upgrading to a new car is exciting until you have to face the nerve wrecking dilemma of how to dispose of the old one. Unless you’re handing it down to someone or you have a ready and willing buyer for the old car, the question of trading in or selling privately is definitely going to have to be addressed. Here’s a brief insight to both options to help you when its time.

Trading In

The convenience of buying and selling at one location where you already have a relationship is probably the greatest advantage of trading in. It significantly reduces the hustle.

Trading in also saves you a lot of time and resources that you would have spent if you were to sell privately. You are saved from having to place advertisements, finding buyers, scheduling test drives, and most importantly, future liability.

The convenience however, comes at a cost. You get less for your trade-in than if you sell it privately. Most dealerships undervalue your car to get the most out of the sale. It is advisable to do your research and decide which one will make it worth your time and energy. You may find that the value awarded is close to the market price or that selling it on your own would make more sense.

To get top dollar for your trade in, study the market, make the car presentable by fixing a dent here and a scratch there, collect all service records and above all, be honest about the condition of the car to your dealer.

Selling Privately

If you can buy the new car comfortably without relying on the proceeds from the sale of the old one, this is the route you want to take. You will definitely make more money from a private sale. However, it is the road less travelled for a reason.

First, prepare your car. Fix the tiny shortcomings here and there, clean it thoroughly inside and out before taking photos to put up on ads. Prepare to be flexible on the price as well as your time. You want to be available to show the vehicle and have road tests to your potential buyers and close the sale as soon as possible.

Understand that you will be responsible for the contractual and legal processes that come with the sale of a car. Research on how much you should ask for your vehicle and probably consider having it valued for good measure.
In conclusion, Everyone wants to come out on top when buying or selling a used car. For some, that means trading in, and for others it means selling privately. Carefully consider the pros and cons of each option to determine the right move for you.

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