Surely you’ve noticed the recent proliferation of eco-friendly vehicle options in the vehicle market. Hybrids and plug-in hybrids are all over the process and pure electric vehicles that completely lack internal combustion engines are making major inroads. That means electrified vehicles are going to start showing up on the used market in much greater numbers in the coming years. Which EV’s are expected to best hold their value? For that, we turn to Kelley Blue Book, which released its annual study on depreciation and included electric vehicles.

Here are the top three electric finishers in KBB’s resale awards;


Audi E-ton

At third place is the brand new Audi E-Tron which is an electric crossover that boasts a range of over 200 miles on a single charge, it wears the badge of a well respected luxury automaker.KBB expects the Audi E-Tron to retain 54.5 percent of its value after 36 months and 32.5 percent after 60 months.


Tesla Model X.

The Tesla Model X is, oddly enough, the established player in the electric crossover segment. Competitors like Audi E-Tron that we just saw on the list and the Jaguar I-Pace are just hitting the road. It’s unique falcon doors open upwards instead of out to the side – whether that’s a good thing up to each prospective owner.KBB expects the Tesla Model X to retain 56.7 percent of its value after 3 years and 34.3 percent after 5 years.

Tesla Model 3.

And now to the winner. The Tesla Model 3 is the California brand’s most recent vehicle and judging by the current waitlist, it’s in very high demand. There aren’t many Model 3s on the used market just yet but that will change soon enough-the electric compact sedan has been a very strong seller, easily outpacing established luxury players like BMW 3 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class.KBB predicts that the Tesla Model 3 will retain 69.3 perecent of its value after 36 months and 48.7 after 60 months.


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