BMW Office UK - Ex UK cars vs Ex Japanese cars
BMW Office UK – Ex UK cars vs Ex Japanese cars
1. History

The Ex UK cars come with main dealer history plus servicing history. Cars from Japanese exporters are normally sourced from car auction sites and the car’s history is not usually taken into consideration when purchasing is being made. In comparison, when purchasing UK cars, the cars’ history is one of the most important factors taken into consideration. A Cat D (a car that had been involved in a minor accident and repaired) will have this information passed to the new owner and will not, therefore, fetch the market price for a clean car that has never been involved in an accident.

2. Language

The system software is in English, unlike the Japanese versions. This is very important as nearly all modern cars come with OBC (On Board Computer). A problem such as low-pressure tyres will immediately be recognised and displayed on the multipurpose screen thus allowing the driver to act in time before a major problem. Cars sourced from Japan, on the other hand, will display such information in Japanese. Most people in the importing countries do not understand a word in Japanese hence failure to react to the information promptly.

Instruction manuals and booklets in English are also included. This is very important considering that newer models are very complicated and you are required to refer to the user manuals at least once in a while, if not regularly.

3. Variety

If you require vehicles with extra features, you will definitely get your choice from the UK varieties. Such enhanced features include leather seats, electric panoramic tilting sunroofs/moonroofs and so on.

4. Manual Transmissions

Many car enthusiasts still prefer manual transmission vehicles over the automatic ones, which are less responsive to the driver’s prowess (driving skills). Manual Transmission cars are the norm in the UK.

4. Price

UK cars are generally priced lower than their Japanese counterparts. Most Japanese car dealers are usually 3rd or 4th in line as brokers. Conversely, UK car exporters purchase their cars directly from the end user meaning that their prices will generally be more competitive. Also, cars destined for the export market do not attract VAT leading to a saving of about 20% of the UK retail price.

5. Diesel Cars

Diesel cars are known to be more economical compared to the petrol versions. With the improved technology, diesel cars are now outperforming the petrol versions in more ways than one. The Japanese government has imposed anti-diesel laws meaning you will only get the diesel-powered engines in big commercial vehicles and tractors. Many car export destinations such as Kenya, now stock the most refined and technologically advanced diesel fuel available in the world. This, in turn, ensures diesel-powered cars outperform their petrol equivalents.

If you were to compare two similar petrol and diesel engine cars, you would notice a remarkable difference in performance and maintainance cost.

2012 BMW 1 SERIES 2.0 120d SE 5dr                                2012 BMW 1 SERIES 2.0 116i SE 5dr
Running costs                                                                       Running costs
Urban mpg 54.3 mpg                                                            Urban mpg 32.5 mpg
Extra Urban mpg 72.4 mpg                                                   Extra Urban mpg 52.3 mpg
Average mpg 64.2 mpg                                                         Average mpg 42.8 mpg
CO2 emissions 116 g/km                                                       CO2 emissions 154 g/km
Annual Tax £30                                                                      Annual Tax £180

Wheel drive: Rear Wheel Drive                                              Wheel drive: Rear Wheel Drive
No. of seats 5                                                                         No. of seats 5

Performance                                                                   Performance
Engine power 177 bhp                                                     Engine power 122 bhp
Engine size 1995 cc                                                         Engine size 1995 cc
Acceleration (0-60mph) 7.3 seconds                               Acceleration (0-60mph) 10.8 seconds
Top speed 142 mph                                                         Top speed 126 mph