You just got promoted and your new status needs to be reflected in the way you travel. Alternatively, you have been saving for forever or your business just broke even last month and you are now realising the profits of all your hard work. What better way to reward yourself (or a special someone) than to gift them with a car? Great, so it’s decided, you are getting a “new” car. Question is, will you buy it online or will you go to your local dealership?

local dealership
Cars at a local dealership

Buying a car at a Local Dealership

Each choice comes with its own share of pros and cons, but should you decide to go the Local dealership route here is what to expect.

  1. First and foremost is the ability to physically look at, touch and feel the car. I don’t need to expound on this, it is pretty self-explanatory.You might have to visit only a few dealership locations to find the right used
  2. You might have to visit only a few dealership locations to find the right used car for you.
  3. Generally, the dealer handles all the paperwork associated with ownership or title transfer and registration for you.
  4. Most dealerships offer financing options but you can always look into bank auto loans.
  5. You might already have a used vehicle you can use as a trade-in vehicle, which could act as part of the “new” used car’s down payment.


Buying a car online

While nothing beats the ability to look at something firsthand, test drive it and yes, the new car smell; used car dealerships charge higher prices than online dealers which, needless to say, leaves less room for negotiation.

Because local dealerships use a professional sales team, who often rely heavily on sales commissions, these sales personnel may not have your best interests at heart. They want to make the sale so they can make their commission. With online companies such as Quality Car Export, there’s much more than just making a sale. We help to ensure you are buying from a reputable seller or dealership and organise the transport from the place of purchase to either a UK port or one of our loading facilities around the country


The 4 letter word that makes you lose all common sense
The 4 letter word that makes you lose all common sense

There is this 4 letter word that gets to me every time, and that word is SALE. If you are anything like me then chances are, you might get distracted by special deals and lose sight of your bigger picture. You might walk onto the lot knowing what you want, but a dealership’s holiday sales, sales pitches, and buyer incentives could derail you. And that is exactly what they are counting on.

But when buying a car online, you have more time to search for what you want without the smell of the new cars and the “sale” hanging over your head. Click here to find out more about what to look for when buying a car. This will ensure that by the time you are actually making a commitment to purchase a certain vehicle, you have no buyer’s regret. This is because you know that without a doubt, you have made the best absolute choice all things considered.

In most cases, cars from a used car dealer have been thoroughly inspected and, if necessary, repaired. Some dealers sell certified pre-owned vehiclesThis means the used car has been through an official series of inspections and possible repairs and comes with a special warranty. The same case applies to a few online dealers. And because we are living in hard times, you never know who to trust. Just because they give you some few lines about commitment to serving your needs and a lower price tag does not make them legit. Ask your dealer, both online and local for a HPI check report, if not for anything, for your peace of mind – knowing you are not involved in a car fraud.

Final Word

It’s difficult to accurately quantify the savings you can get by opting to go online for your car buying experience. But it’s safe to say the price will nearly always be lower than the price you’ll be quoted if you walk onto the car lot — assuming you can even get a definite price. A firsthand experience of how have used car dealership Internet departments many times to buy cars for their long-term test fleet might give you a vague idea allowing you to do your own comparison between the two options.

There’s no question that buying a car saves time and stress. When people are shopping in person at a dealership, they run the risk of making costly, spur-of-the-moment decisions on financing or additional products.Online buying minimises that risk exponentially. It also is good for people who don’t have an appetite for negotiations.

By using the Internet, a buyer makes more informed decisions. There is time to consider all the possibilities in a relaxed atmosphere. A couple of years ago, online shopping was unheard of. We had to rely on those long and tired boring days dedicated to roaming around town looking for the perfect dress, electronic, apartments, cars etc. Now with the advent of mobile phones and cheap internet access, shopping on your phone while lazing around on your couch is quickly becoming the norm in most places. So why not take up the online shopping challenge, who knows? maybe you might even prefer it.